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Virus Removal. Computer Repair & Support.

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The computer services that we provide include: networking service, virus removal

Why Us.

Luyet Computer has same day / next day service with virus removal and reloads. We warranty our virus removals and repairs plus all of our services are GUARANTEED!


Monday - Friday 10:00am - 6:00pm on all network related problems.

Our Guarantee is, if we can't fix it then you don't pay! We hate dealing with poor customer service. That's why at Luyet Computer you will always talk to a real person that's not reading from a check list or hard to understand. Check out what our customers are saying about us.

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More than just a computer company.

We have a unique process (custom software) developed in house, to provide speedy virus removals, fast reloads and a quality control system to make sure you get your computer back as quickly as possible.

Business Support.

Luyet Computer, can provide on-location and remote IT services for your business, including virus removals, diagnostics and repair. We also service Microsoft and Linux based LDAP's, Cisco VLANS and other complex network infrastructure.

Service Plans

Software Development.

We can take your proven process that makes your business tick and develop a software package that will speed up productivity, give you statics you didn't know you could have, remove human error and save you money.

Cloud Backup.

Need a safe way to backup your data on your computer(s). iDrive will let you install and back up all your computers on a single account. The restore process is easy too. You can get a single file or entire folder or a full recovery. click the image below to get a free 5gb account.

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Luyet Computer Team.

Get to know our Team.

  • Brent Luyet

    Spent Most of my career as a programer. I started Luyet computer co. in 2010 out of my service car. My customers convinced me rent a place so in 2011 I opened my first store. As I began to grow and hired employees and developed a software suit that would keep up our quality of service. So I took my unique methods of fixing computers automated it. Our software we use in house is integrated with our billing system so that we can keep a record of every computer we service, who worked on it, and what was done. That way no matter who you talk to at our store we can tell you what we have done. This also provides accountability, and maintain our excellent quality of work.

    Parents, if your kids are into Minecraft and your sick of getting viruses, here is a safe place to download Minecraft mods

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  • Christina Luyet

    Hello! My name is Christina Luyet. I am one of the office secretary here at Luyet Computer Co. My duty consist of processing computer work/repair orders while assisting our technicians in order to help run the store. I enjoy being around these hardworking crew. So, if you need help with your computer or just have a question, please make sure to give us a call first. Thanks and have a blessed and fabulous day.

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  • Shane Arwood

    Manager: From mountain home. Thirteen years of experience in computer repair. Specializes in hardware diagnostics and repair. I love hardware and keep up with the latest / greatest stuff. If you need a computer built with plenty of power, I can give you the biggest bang for your buck.

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